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NFRW Affiliation:1940
Local Clubs
Region 4
841 Total Members
25,233 Volunteer Hours


Local clubs in Wisconsin were organized prior to 1930 in Marathon, Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. During the early 1930s, clubs were formed in Kenosha, Manitowoc and Two Rivers, and a Republican State Organization of Women was officially established. Jenny Thomas of Sheboygan served as the first president, and the first convention was held in 1936. With 1,124 members in 43 counties, the state organization affiliated with the NFRW in 1940.

Today, the Wisconsin Federation is divided into eight districts. It provides volunteers for local campaigns and, as the education arm of the Republican Party in the state, instructs its members in campaign techniques for use in electing Republicans to public office. Members participate in get-out-the-vote efforts, host meet and greets with elected officials and candidates, and ensure our members have the latest campaign and legislative information available for local, state and federal offices. WFRW has built a cohesive relationship with the Republican Party of WI and all local county republican parties.

Charlotte Rasmussen
N12003 Fernwall Avenue
Stanley, WI 54768

State President

I previously served as President of the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women for one term, 2010 - 2011. I've been an active member of the WFRW for 20+ years. In 2003, I organized our local club and served as President for eight years. During that time I served on the WFRW Executive Committee as 3rd District Chairman, and the 3rd Vice President. It was a great honor for our local Federated club to receive the Caring for America award at the 2007 - 2009 NFRW Convention in Orlando. I have attended 5 NFRW convention and 3 GOP National Convention. In 2010, Governor Scott Walker appointed me to the Pharmacy Examining Board of which I served through Summer of 2015. As we enter the 2016 election year, Republican women are key to electing the next president. I look forward to working with all our members across the state to grow and continue to make a difference in Wisconsin.

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