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NFRW Affiliation:1953
Local Clubs
Region 5
1,784 Total Members
116,224 Volunteer Hours


The Louisiana Federation of Republican Women became a state affiliate of the NFRW in 1953. Since then, strengthening membership and recruiting new members have been top priorities. Today, LFRW is divided into seven regions with 40 clubs and more than 2,000 members dedicated to recruiting, supporting and electing qualified Republican candidates.

Through a well-established and very effective statewide grassroots organization, LFRW members take an active role in campaigns at all levels, use innovative fundraising ideas to support community service projects, and strive to meet special needs for our troops. LFRW is committed to educating and empowering women through local club scholarships and the annual Ginny Martinez Scholarship. Members take an active role in the legislative process via close communications with elected officials to stay fully informed on critical issues that will affect the future of our state.

In 2016, the State of Louisiana will celebrate its 63rd anniversary with a Republican majority in both the state House and Senate, Republicans in all seven state offices and five of our six congressional seats, and two U.S. senator.

LFRW and its members are proud of the role they have played in our state's continuing recovery and the success of our Republican candidates. LFRW truly believes, and is proud to say, "Republican Women Make A Difference."

Gena Gore
8940 Hwy 71N
Dry Prong, LA 71423

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